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English for Business pays a lot of attention to conversation so half the time in class is dedicated to speaking. However, every lessons is different and depends on student levels (there is generally more oral practice and less grammar in higher levels), the objective of the day, the size of the class (bigger groups need more conversation time so everyone can speak) and other factors.

Please read below a sample plan for an intermediate group of three students at a multinational company.


A lesson plan

The first ten minutes are used for the dual objective of introducing the subject of the day and getting the students to think in English.


Sometimes we will ask questions, go over doubts, comment on the news, revise a structure or quickly check homework.


After ten minutes we are ready to begin with the main object of the class so the teacher will now explain what we shall learn today.


This is the body of the lesson – the time when most work is done. Often we follow a book, read an article, help to prepare a speech, listen to an interview, practise a presentation, go through a meeting  or watch a video.


Now most of the class has passed and we will review the objective of the lesson to make sure that everyone has understood everything.


We will do this with an exercise, a game, a role-play or another activity in which students apply what they have just learnt.


The last fifteen minutes will be dedicated to questions, doubts and general conversation.


This is the most relaxed part of the lesson and we generally use it for oral practice.

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