In-company English

English for Business offers courses that combine experienced teachers, careful planning and student support.

Learn by objectives

Lessons are aimed at the goals that students set at the beginning of the course,  which results in tailored teaching for every participant. Half the time in each lesson is dedicated to conversation practise, which allows students to speak fluently about most subjects.


Excellent teachers

Our stable staff is made up of qualified native teachers who receive constant training on the newest teaching techniques.


Students continue studying after class with the English for Business Online platform, which allows them to learn faster.



Quality in teaching, in learning and in our relationship with students. By offering the best possible service we have been able to keep clients for many years. We teach in H&M since 2006, in USP Hospitales since 2004, in Festo Pneumatics since 1999, in Tyrolit since 1996, in ASCAMM since 1994 and in PTV since 1992.


We have taught over 100,000 hours. We help Spanish companies to grow abroad and multinationals to improve the level of English of their staff.


Student support

We help the Human Resources department to optimise resources with plans that adapt to each company and group. Besides, English for Business offers courses subsidised by "Fundación Tripartita" at no extra cost to our students.


We want to offer the best teaching service to our clients and hundreds of business students trust us with their learning needs.

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Yes. Enjoyable lessons. Free e-books. Help with planning. Top teachers. 100% effectiveness in subsidised courses. Free test-correct service. Online business glossary. The possibility to make-up missed lessons. Internet-based courses. Free workshops and an excellent business English teaching service.

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