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about in-company courses
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  Can you come to our company?  
  Yes. We teach companies all over Catalonia.    
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Is your timetable flexible?    
time and 
Yes. Our team will teach you on the days and times that you determine.  
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  What's the best way to learn English?  


There is no easy answer to this question, because every person is different and needs change from student to student.

However, the most relevant factors in learning are teacher quality, the amount of students per group,  the methodology used, and the time spent studying.

Business English Spanish Dictionary
 will be my teacher?  
A member of our stable teaching team. All our teachers are native speakers, hold a teaching certificate and have extensive experience. Most have been working for English for Business for several years.


Do I have to study at home?   

Yes. It's very difficult to learn without studying.

You'll have to spend at least one hour every week doing activities your teacher will set.

Do you teach individual classes?  
Yes. We teach both group and individual lessons.
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  Can I  change my  lesson's time  if I have to travel?  

Yes. All you have to do is call your teacher or contact our office beforehand.
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  Have you got any references?
We currently teach more than 100 companies. If you want to call any of them for references, please contact us at 902 108 127 or click here to send us an e-mail.

call us for
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What else do you offer?    

In addition to in-company classes, we offer our students several tools to complement the lessons and help them to learn better.  Among them:
Business English Spanish Dictionary
Online listening exercises for our students
Online exercises
Students can practise English for free 
with grammar, vocabulary,  business and listening exercises on our online platform.
English phone 
Students can practise English by phone with a native speaker to reproduce real-life business conversations.
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Business glossary
Students can look up the Spanish equivalent to more than 10,000 business terms for free.
Business English Spanish Dictionary
Study with subsidised courses 
Students can follow courses subsidised by "Fundación Tripartita para la Fomación en el Empleo" with English for Business.
Short-text correction for our students
Text correction
Students can send us short texts and our teachers will correct them for free.
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  How will you charge us?

Pay after
the lessons.
We will send your company an invoice at the end of every month with a detail of the hours taken during that month.  
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How long have you been teaching?
  English for Business has been teaching in Spain since 1991.  We've been teaching since 1991
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How can I start my lessons?  
 Andrew D. Miles

call our

Just call our Director, Andrew Miles at 902 108 127 or click here to send us an e-mail.

He'll answer all your questions and, if you wish, will visit your company for a personal interview.



Business English Spanish DictionaryBusiness English Spanish Dictionary

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